Modern Management Summit London 2018


I enjoyed some vacation and did a lot of customer work recently but I had the honor to speak at our Modern Management Summit 2018 event in London at the Microsoft Reactor. It was an amazing day and I had a lot of discussions around a cloud first modern management approach. If you like to read something about it my colleague Maurice Daly wrote a very good wrap-up blog post about it. You can even find the presentation slides online there. It was great to meet you all and I’m happy to speak at the next one sometime.

2 thoughts on “Modern Management Summit London 2018”

    1. Thank you for the nice words and the recognition of my work. No title for me 🙂 not this time. We will see if it will happen sometime. I will keep doing with or without a title because all this is really worth and I like the engagement with the community. If this will be honored with a MVP title I’m more than happy 🙂 and may open possibilities to even dig deeper into certain technologies.

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