Get back your Intune Proactive Remediation Scripts

One of my blog readers kindly asked if I can provide a similar script like the one downloading all Intune PowerShell scripts for the Proactive Remediation Scripts. I’m happy to provide a modified version of my script to do exactly this. It uses the same technique as I used in my old script. There are always a lot of ways to accomplish your goals, for example using the Microsoft.Graph.DeviceManagement Module. But anyway, I decided to recycle my old script to download the HealthScripts wich are the Proactive Remediation scripts.

Intune Proactive Remediation Scripts

The function uses the Intune PowerShell SDK like the “PowerShell Script Download” script:

It is super easy to use, just call it with the FolderPath parameter to download all Proactive Remediation Scripts:

Get-DeviceHealthScripts -FolderPath C:\temp\HealthScripts

Your specified folder will give you access to all your scripts organized by folders (folder names derived from Proactive Remediation display name):

Intune ProactiveRemediation scripts aka HealthScripts

The folders contain the Detection script and if available also the Remediation script.

Intune ProactiveRemediation scripts aka HealthScripts PowerShell files

The complete script can be found here:

I hope again it helps some people with lost original scripts or consultants without access to the original files. It can also be handy during tenant-to-tenant migrations.

Happy downloading!