How to decode Intune Win32 App Packages

The new Intune Win32 app management is a great way to deploy Win32 apps with Microsoft Intune. Imagine you have a kind of source share for all the .intunewin files you have created. At some point in time you like to modify a package but you do not have the source files right now, only … Continue reading “How to decode Intune Win32 App Packages”

Enabling BitLocker on non-HSTI devices with Intune

This is a post about enabling BitLocker on non-HSTI devices with Windows 10 version 1809 and standard user permissions. First of all a little background on HSTI. HSTI is a Hardware Security Testability Interface. It is an interface to report the results of security-related self-tests. Its purpose is to provide high assurance validation of proper security configuration. … Continue reading “Enabling BitLocker on non-HSTI devices with Intune”

Part 3, Deep dive Microsoft Intune Management Extension – Win32 Apps

Microsoft made it finally happen and provides an integrated way to deploy Win32 Apps via the Intune Management Extension. This is by far the biggest step forward in the Modern Management field. Until now the community came up with lots of ways to utilize PowerShell scripts to finally install some Win32 Apps. By doing this … Continue reading “Part 3, Deep dive Microsoft Intune Management Extension – Win32 Apps”